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When it comes to choosing the right machine from the various models of copiers for sale it helps if you have an idea what to look for. Most copiers are digital although you can find inkjet models. Digital ones suit most office requirements as they are fast to use, provide good quality images and are generally less expensive to run.

You don't have to buy a copier as it is possible to rent them. Most people find it easier buy these machines outright especially now as prices have come down so much since the first copiers were launched onto the market. Leasing or renting has its advantages for some companies but for most it is the more expensive option over the longer term.

So what type of copier do you need? It really depends on how often you will use it and for what volume of work you will be doing. If a number of staff will be sharing the machine, it should be capable of queuing jobs. If you often print or copy documents back and front then you need a copier with a duplex function. If you want to combine different machines in one unit you can find copiers with a built in fax, scanner etc. You can find black and white copiers that offer the ability to print in color if required.

- JR Copier

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